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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Pin-Up Girl's Workout

A pin-up girl's body is a beautiful thing. She is not too thin, her curves all fall in just the right places. Her body is the epitome of "WOMAN". After looking at numerous pin-up girl photos and thinking that I just wasn't dealt the cards to allow me to have this voluptuous figure, I got frustrated and wondered, "Well, why can't I have that?"

I, unfortunately, have a body where, if I gain weight, it doesn't necessarily go to the places that I would like. I think a lot of woman have this circumstance, so I decided to put together an exercise routine that is actually helping me to keep my curves where they belong, but still lose it where I want to the most. As with most women, my mid section is where I gain my weight. But, I also develop wonderful curves. I felt hopeless at the fact that I would lose my "lovely lady lumps" if lost any weight. With the help of a close friend of mine, we developed the following tricks...

I realized from previous exercise routines that if I just do cardio, I will lose the weight all over and, thus, lose my boobies and booty. I was sad at losing my "ladies", even to the point where I thought I would just keep myself this size- just to keep them! After some experimenting I figured out that I could still do cardio, while wearing a waist band. These lovely inventions are like a Neoprene material that you wrap around your mid-section, forcing you to sweat. This sweating where you designate trick allows you to focus on losing the weight there first, allowing you to sculpt the rest of your body to what you would like. So, I also picked up a work out DVD which helps to tone those targeted areas. It works out your arms, abs, but mostly concentrates on your Bootyeus Maximus. The next day, I found muscles that I never even knew existed on my body! After 2 days I can tell the difference in my hips and thighs. I told myself, "You're sexy now, but you are gonna be one sexy bitch soon!"

So here is my routine:

   30-45 mins cardio (I usually choose to dance or to take a walk)
   15-20 mins isolation/muscle strengthening (find in magazine/video that targets your buns)

I am still in the process of carrying this out, but I see results so far that I haven't seen with any other plan!

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